I resolve company, commercial and employment law matters for nanotech companies on a remote basis, for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.


Advice is fast, effective and expert: offering all the benefits of hiring an in-house general counsel, without any of the headaches (or the £100k + price tag).

My bespoke legal service also bypasses the impersonal approach of large corporate law firms.

One guy. One goal. Total peace of mind with all matters legal.



Getting internal relationships right from the beginning is vital to the long-term success of your nanotech company, future-proofing your business and allowing you to jump on new opportunities with confidence.

I handle all aspects of company law, including: 

Shareholders’ Agreements 

Picture this – your company’s thriving and everyone’s getting along. 

When life is rosy, we don’t tend to dwell on what ‘could’ go wrong. But shareholders fall out, and if recent world events have taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

I’ll help you put a plan B in place, with a well-drafted shareholders’ agreement that: 

  • Sets out the shareholders’ rights and obligations
  • Regulates the sale of shares in the company
  • Spells-out how the company is to be run
  • Provides some protection for minority shareholders, and
  • Defines how important decisions should be made

Lasting success is built on a solid foundation. Make sure everyone knows where they stand.  


Directors’ Service Agreements 

Your company’s directors have significant powers and responsibilities, and it’s vital for you to set these out in a legally binding document that goes beyond the bare bones of a standard employment contract.

You’ll want all parties to be clear about each director’s duties, the terms of any bonus or reward schemes, external appointments and, most importantly, confidentiality and post-termination restrictions that can be enforced, if necessary.

By drafting a robust directors’ service agreement, I’ll help you establish trust and safeguard against conflicts of interest, protecting the long-term future of your nanotech company.

Company Growth

Does your nanotech company need to raise loan capital or issue more shares? 

Perhaps you’re looking to merge, acquire or be acquired? 

Working closely with your transactional team and knowing your company and the nanotech sector inside out, I’ll be on hand to draft the documentation that keeps you safe and legal, protecting your company’s assets and interests as you evolve.



As a nanotech company, you’re constantly driving research and development, using cutting edge scientific knowledge and techniques to create novel (and sometimes life-changing) products and bring them to market.

To do this, you must find strategic partners to support your innovations – people like funding bodies, universities and even like-minded businesses. 

I’ll help you draw up commercial contracts that encourage successful relationships with stakeholders, giving you the protection you need to make commitments with confidence.  

I’ll also help you review the contracts presented to you by third parties, safeguarding your assets and interests, and helping you cut through the legal speak, to the core of what’s on offer. 

Working with:

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Technology transfer agreements
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Licensing agreements and,
  • Franchising agreements

I’ll make sure you’re never exposed to undue or excessive risks, don’t give away more IP than is necessary and will put clear and workable payment provisions in place if money is changing hands. 

Most importantly, the terms and conditions built into your agreements will stand up in court, should they ever be required to do so. 

Minimizing risk means greater freedom to embrace opportunity with confidence. With my expert legal support, the only thing keeping you up at night will be your next innovation. 


To grow and excel, it’s vital that your nanotech company builds and maintains a skilled and motivated workforce. 

I support management and HR with:

  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Drafting policies and procedures
  • Advice on and implementation of employee share schemes
  • Advising on organisational change that may result in redundancies or TUPE implications, and
  • Advising on and / or investigating disciplinaries and grievances

Even the most responsible employers face the occasional employment tribunal claim and, where these have merit, I’ll help you achieve a cost-effective settlement as quickly and painlessly as possible.

For claims without validity, I’ll prepare the case for trial and source appropriate, effective counsel to give you the best possible chance of a positive outcome. 

A happy workforce makes a productive company. With my continued legal support, you can stay in control across all employment areas while avoiding the barrage of bills you would expect from a large, pay-as-you-go legal firm.


Every business has a range of legal needs, from renewing leases to data protection impact assessments.

If I can help, I will – but where I can’t assist you directly with a legal problem, I’ll source the most appropriate person to take care of it at a reasonable price.  

I can also project manage the matter to remove the complication of working with a third-party. 

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